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IBIOS has full range of multi-modal biometric solutions for law enforcement agencies. Our criminal identification solutions include fingerprint, palmprint, facial & iris. The use of Multi-Biometrics takes advantages of the capabilities of each biometric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology. User friendly, flexible, responsive, modular and scale-able solution with open system and service-oriented architecture. Successfully working in rough field conditions since last many years and being operated by constables and other ground level staff with ease and endurance.

AMBIS - Automated Multi-Modal Biometric Identification System


Indigenous developed tool for empowering Fingerprint Bureaux.  The use of Multi-Bio-metrics takes advantages of the capabilities of each bio-metric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology.

Forensic Grade Enrolment Devices (Single, Dual, Slap, Palm, Iris & Facial)

Forensic Grade Live Scanners with Aqusition Software

IBIOS Live Scanners (FED) are the State-of-the-Art bio-metric data acquisition device. Successfully working in many  police/ investigating organisations across the globe.

Facial Recognition

Expert Eye

Face recognition technology is the least intrusive and fastest biometric technology. It works with the most obvious individual identifier – the human face.  In most cases the subjects are entirely unaware of the process.

Weapon Management System

Barcode/UHF RF ID based Integrated Weapon Management System

State of the Art Weapon Management System to automate the reporting and allotment of bar-coded /UHF RF ID Tagged weapons to police/ personal after biometric (fingerprint/Facial/ IRIS) authentication. Suitable for ranging in size from small Departments to large City Police Departments, small shopping mall security companies, local government Police Departments, government agencies and military / Special Forces.

Digital Fingerprint/palmprint/Evidence Comparator

IBIOS DigiMark 1

IBIOS-DigiMark1 has very innovative and intuitive Digital Fingerprint / evidence comparator system. The comparator designed exclusively for ease of operation and convenience. Being the digital technology performance is excellent. IBIOS-DigiMark1 features one high resolution digital “Machine Vision Device” for a full-screen, side-by-side display of two images—without image overlap.

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Intellegent Traffic Monitoring System

ANPR, RLVD, OSD, e-Challan

An advanced application which, aims to provide innovative services relating to transport and traffic management and enable users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of traffic...

Digital Video Surveillance & Analysis

Expert Eye ++

Millions of surveillance cameras could become AI enabled security guards by deploying IBIOS ExpertEye+.  Advancements in artificial intelligence and facial recognition are making the solution smarter and predictive..... 

Rugged Hand-Held Devices

Handheld Devices for multi-purpose use

IBIOS Handheld devices are industrial grade & rugged. Suitable for variety of field /indoor applications. Android OS gives you freedom to install verity of readymade /customised applications from market also.  The device is equipped with biometrics, printer, HD camera, Card reader etc. 

Customised Software Development

Tailor made uniqe application design/deployement

IBIOS team of researchers and software engineers are ready to  accept any challenge of providing you customised solutions to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.  We are capable of delivering be-spoke solutions.  

Nuix- Empowering Law Enforcement Investigations

One Window Into All Your Evidence

Criminals are taking advantage of technology to commit crimes and evade detection. Growing data volumes and the rise in evidence coming from mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing are crushing investigators’ ability to make informed decisions.

Complex criminal cases can involve multiple suspects, many devices, large volumes of data, and cross local, state, and national boundaries. You need to distribute the workload between many people and collaborate effectively with counterparts in other jurisdictions.

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