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multi-biometric identification solution, AFIS, AFPIS, AMBIS, BioREiD, Trishul.

(for Identity Management and Background check of Suspects & Convicts)

Indigenously developed (Make in India)  tool for empowering investigation agencies..  The use of Multi-Bio-metrics takes advantages of the capabilities of each bio-metric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology. 

It is State Level “Multi-Biometric Exchange” based on Hybrid Multi-Modal Biometric Data Repository cum Identification (BioREiD) Technology” including Integration with CCTNS & NCRB-NAFIS

Technology & Solution...
Use Case

To speed-up the criminal/suspect/offender identification it is must to create and adopt a technology for acquisition (repository) and matching (identification) based on many more biometric traits like, Palmprint, iris, Facial, Footprint & Voice along with traditional fingerprint. Technology is based on Repository & Identification of Hybrid Multi-Modal Biometric data, can be nick named as “BioREiD”. The hybrid multi-modal biometric data is a unique biometric data identifier of a person wherein in a single packet all the biometric traits (multi-modal) like Fingerprint, Palmprint, Facial, Footprint & Voice is kept in string for easy access and integration with third-party and niche application. The use of Multi-Modal Biometrics takes advantages of the capabilities of each biometric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology.

  1. State level Automated Multi-Biometric Identification System for Criminal & Suspect Identification.

  2. Value addition in CCTNS projects, which needs fast Identification and Background Check, i.e. e-FIR, Police Arrangements, Crowded places etc.

  3. Identification of suspects on the move, through Mobile (MDT) devices.

  4. Identification & Identity Management of Jail Inmates in Jail and Inmate  Movements like court presentations etc.

  5. Fast identification of suspects in Traffic , Narcotics, Raids etc.  

Solution Architecture 

The entire solution is Client-Server based architecture.  The entire system can broadly be classified into following three major components:


  • BioREiD Application Software – for Enrolling, processing, communicating, matching, archiving, reporting & printing the hybrid multi-biometric data & demographic data like Fingerprints (Plain & Rolled), Palmprints, Footprints, Facial Mug-Shot,  Iris & Voice.

  • Biometric Acquisition Devices- Multi-modal biometric data acquisition/enrolment devices.

  • Supporting IT infrastructure - servers, computers, networking etc. Normally State Data Centre /CCTNS Data centre is used for porting the application software 

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