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multi-biometric identification solution for Civil iD/National iD/ eGov. 

All over the world, inability to prove identity is one of the biggest barriers preventing the poor from accessing benefits and subsidies.  Illegal immigration across borders and immigrants being deprived of basic rights is a widespread deterrent to “social equality”. Public as well as private sector agencies across the country require proof of identity before providing individuals with services. But till date, there remains no nationally accepted, verifiable identity number covering all population that both residents and agencies can use with ease and confidence. Entire technology architecture behind the IBIOS AMBIS National ID Platform (Trishul NiD 12.01) is based on principles of openness, linear scalability & strong security. I

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State of the Art architecture – Building IBIOS AMBIS with true openness meant use of global standards to ensure smooth functioning; platform approach with latest technology to allow the ecosystem to work with utmost simplicity.The DRC National ID AMBIS biometric system design is an accumulative effort based on global standards and practices.

Designed for scale – IBIOS AMBIS system is expected to issue more than 100 million identities in DRC and will continue to grow as the resident population expands. Since every new enrollment requires biometric de-duplication across the entire system, every component needs to scale to very large volumes. This mean that the system would handle hundreds of millions of transactions across billions of records doing hundreds of billions of biometric matches every day! 

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Approach to Implementation


  • Replacing the manual Identity Card / Documents issued till date with a digital record and ensuring single point availability and multi point accessibility of citizen identity information

  • Creation of a geographical AMBIS NiD network for the entire nation 

  • Creation of a AMBIS NiD database 

  • Creation of integrated digital identity system for citizens 

  • Integration of textual, graphical, bio-metric, facial, iris data

  • Creation of a Unified Identity Information Platform for the management of the above information and the transactions thereof.

Data Security – Security and privacy of data within Trishul NiD 12.01 AMBIS system has been foundational. IBIOS will take several measures to ensure security of resident data from the time it is captured all the way to how it is stored. Usage of PKI encryption and tamper detection ensures no one can decrypt and misuse the data, even if they are in the possession of the enrollment packet. Resident data and raw biometrics are always kept encrypted even within DRC-SNIP data centers. Our AMBIS digital identity management solutions/system are designed with “Inclusion” as the pivotal focus. It discloses “only necessary credentials” required for each specific service, with user consent and are in compliance with requirements customer requirements...

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