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integrated weapon mangement system

State of the Art Weapon Management System with HD Web Camera to automate the reporting and allotment of bar-coded /RF ID Tagged weapons to police/ personal after biometric (fingerprint/Facial) authentication. The main purpose of WMS for managing the firearms requirements of any organization, ranging in size from small Departments to large City Police Departments and are diverse in nature including small shopping mall security companies, local government Police Departments, government agencies and military / Special Forces.

IBIOS Integrated Weapon Management System is user friendly and can be 100% customised as per user requirement. 

Main modules of system.

  1. Roster (personnel) Enrolment Module

  2. Firearms Inventory (static & dynamic) Module

  3. Ammunition Inventory (static & dynamic) Module  

  4. Duty / Deployment Allotment Module

  5. Firearms Allotment /Return Module:

  6. Reporting Module

  7. Barcode Printing Module:  

  8. RFID TAG Allotment / Reading Module.

  9. Biometric Authentication Module 

  10. Encryption & Security Modules of Application

  • Complete history of weapons purchased, cost, department Items,

  • charged to, previous and present locations

  • Vendor, the items purchased from.

  • Make, model, Butt number and serial number of the item.

  • The grouped in multi-level Category - the weapon is found under.

  • VeaponSoft permits of issuing only based on allotment to the authorized personnel.

  • Weapons can be issued and returned to authorized personnel for carrying out determined types of duties.

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