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facial recognition system

IBIOS Facial Recognition solution has been developed indigenously, keeping opportunities, complicacies and intricacies in Indian diaspora. The “xpertAI+” is enterprise level large scale solution which not only includes facial identification but a lot of other features like object recognition, human temperature measurement etc. 

Basic FRS as "xpertAI" is also available for non-surveillance based needs.


IBIOS ExperAI+ offers more than facial recognition. It is indigenously developed and compliant to latest global standards. It is Sate of the Art latest Live Facial Recognition System suitable for Facial Recognition/ surveillance. It works with the most obvious individual identifier – the human face. Instead of requiring people to place their hand on a reader or precisely position their eyes in front of a scanner, Face Recognition systems silently take pictures of people's faces as they enter a defined area. There is no intrusion or delay, and in most cases the subjects are entirely unaware of the process. They do not feel "under surveillance" or that their privacy has been invaded.  

It is suitable for followings

  • Police /Investigating Agencies 

  • Airports & Railway Stations

  • Corporates & Factories

  • Smart /Safe Cites 

  • Stadiums & Mass Public Gatherings 

  • Public Transportation

  • Financial Institutions and Cash Points

  • Government Offices

  • Businesses of All Kinds

xpertAI+ Capabilities

  • Face Detection & Enrolment:

  • Robust frontal face detection.

  • Detection of multiple faces in a photo/ video.

  • Simultaneous multiple face processing in video streams and still images-injected or non-ingested.

  • All faces on the current frame are detected in 0.01 - 0.86 seconds depending on selected values for face roll and yaw tolerances, and face detection accuracy.

  • Head rotation support:  –30..30 degrees of in-plane rotation and –30..30 degrees out-of-plane rotation

  • Gender classification: Optionally, gender can be determined for each person on the image with predefined degree of accuracy during the template extraction.

  • Live face detection: It detects live faces, so the system can determine whether a face in a video stream is “live” or a photograph. This technology has certain limitation but works satisfactorily.

  • Emotions recognition: The application can be configured to recognize emotion type in a human face. Six basic emotions are analysed: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. 

  • Facial attributes: The application can be configured to detect certain attributes during the face extraction – smile, open-mouth, closed-eyes, glasses, dark-glasses, beard and moustache. Age estimation etc.

  • Template Creation: After detection, a set of features is extracted from each face into a template in maximum 0.6 seconds. The Extractor can generalize a face template from several images that include the same face to improve the template’s /matching probability.

  • Vehicle or human detection, classification and movement tracking – Object detection of moving and static objects in the scene, their classification and tracking until they disappear. These features are available for surveillance systems not on standard application


Watchlist creation

  • Several type of predefined watchlist can be created and used for reporting.

  • Customized watchlist creation tool is also available as per the choice and needs of the customer.

  • Manual and Automated watchlist creation tool helps user to enroll any face seen in video.  


Camera Integration

  • xpertAI+ can work with almost all commercially available IP cameras

  • Dedicated and easy to use tool for camera integration

  • Any IP camera, that supports RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)


Video/ Still Analytics

  • Import video and stills from vide range of formats, almost all the available sources.

  • Extracts faces and predefined objects from the video.  

  • Side by side comparison of faces.

  • Hitlist generation from matches – helps in poor quality image matching.

  • Manual /Auto alerts generation.


Live Video Recognition with Tracker API

  • Assigns a unique ID to each subject detected in video

  • Allows tagging any subject in video with a name, and recognizing it further

  • No requirement for a subject to pose to be enrolled

  • Constant learning of subjects’ appearance

  • Provides with estimates of false acceptance rate and recognition rate

  • Tracks multiple faces and their facial features

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