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proactive cyber security

Cyber-security is important because it protects all categories of data from theft and damage. This includes sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information systems. Without a cyber-security program, your organization cannot defend itself against data breach campaigns, which makes it an irresistible target for cybercriminals. IBIOS has partnered some of the world leading solution providers for providing state of the art solutions for your cyber security needs...

An Integrated Cyber Dashboard with Essential Tools for Monitoring of IT Assets for Real time Proactive Cyber Security Management” Our proposed solution is an amalgamation of the following tools and a brief on each tool is also enclosed.

Note: Editions may change without any notice as per OEM policy


Core Impact is a comprehensive penetration testing platform that safely and efficiently replicates attacks and uncovers security weaknesses. Organizations can maximize their resources with certified exploits and guided automations, providing valuable insights that will help mitigate risk and protect critical assets.

An intuitive dashboard allows users to easily open new workspaces and tests, view the latest available exploits, and launch remediation validations. Reports can also be created from the dashboard, including those on network hosts, discovered identities, and phishing simulation results, as well as full executive summaries.



Certified and Validated Exploits, Complete IT Infra Coverage,  Integration with MSF,  True Multi Vector Testing, Rapid Penetration Tests (RPTs)


Editions: Core Impact Basic,  Core Impact Pro, Core Impact Enterprise

Digital Defense /Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM™), a Frontline.Cloud™ system, is the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use SaaS vulnerability management solution—bar none. Using proprietary scanning technology, vulnerability management solution performs comprehensive security assessments and helps prioritize and track the results, making remediation planning and management more efficient and effective.

Frontline Vulnerability Manager is more than a just a network vulnerability scanner or vulnerability assessment. It's a proactive, risk-based vulnerability and threat management solution that is a vital part of any cyber risk management program. Its robust features set it apart from other VM solutions, providing vital security information in a centralized, easily understood format so you can protect your business-critical assets efficiently and effectively.



Reliable Vulnerability Scanning, Compliance Auditing, Trend Reporting, Network Endpoint Correlation, Cloud Hosting


Editions: Single License (Per IP)

Invicti Enterprise is a comprehensive automated web application security solution that includes web vulnerability scanning, assessment, and management. Its strongest points are Proof-Based Scanning for extremely high scan accuracy, automated web asset discovery, and out-of-the-box integration with leading issue management and CI/CD solutions. The Invicti scanner can identify vulnerabilities in all types of modern, legacy, and custom web applications, regardless of the architectures or platforms they are based on. For the vast majority of direct-impact vulnerabilities, the scanner automatically verifies security flaws to prove that they are real and not false positives, opening the way to scalable automation.



Enterprise Solution, Concurrent Scanning,  On-premise/Cloud, CI-CD Integrations,  Issue Tracker & PIM/PAM Integration,  Workflow Management,  Automation, Unlimited Users, Proof Based Scanning


Editions: Invicti Standard, Invicti Team Invicti Enterprise, Invicti 360

Acunetix, the world’s first-ever automated web application security scanner, combines dynamic (DAST) and interactive (IAST) application security testing. This combination allows you to discover vulnerabilities that evade other tools and nearly eliminate false positives, so that you can streamline your security processes and prioritize issue resolution.


Acunetix Premium is a web application security solution for managing the security of multiple websites, web applications, and APIs. Integration features allow you to automate your DevOps and issue management infrastructures.



SMB Solution, Fast Scanning, On-premise/Cloud, Easy to Use, Unlimited Users 


Editions: Acunetix Standard, Acunetix Premium, Acunetix 360

Syhunt Hybrid combines comprehensive static and dynamic security scans to detect vulnerabilities like XSS, File Inclusion, SQL Injection, Command Execution and many more, including inferential, in-band and out-of-band attacks through Hybrid-Augmented Analysis (HAST).

With Syhunt's unique gray box/hybrid scanning capability the information acquired during source code scans is automatically used to create and enhance dynamic scans. All entry points are covered generating detailed information about the security level of your web applications. Available for on-premises deployment for businesses using Windows, macOS and Linux



Simple Licensing, Unlimited Scanning, Option for Integrated DAST, SAST, MAST & IAST


Editions: Syhunt Dynamic, Syhunt Mobile , Syhunt Code, Syhunt Code Plus

Cobalt Strike is a powerful threat emulation tool that provides a post-exploitation agent and covert channels ideal for Adversary Simulations and Red Team exercises, replicating the tactics and techniques of an advanced adversary in a network.

Those with both Core Impact and Cobalt Strike can take advantage of session passing and tunneling capabilities between the two tools. This interoperability can streamline pen testing efforts even further. For example, users can start their engagement, getting initial access from Core Impact, and then can continue with post exploitation activities with Cobalt Strike by spawning a Beacon



Client-side Reconnaissance, Covert Communication, Spear Phishing , Red Team Collaboration


Editions: Single License (per User)

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